CoCr disk

  • Mediloy® M-Co 12 mm with...

    € 253,90

    Co 63.8 · Cr 24.8 · W 5.3 · Mo 5.1 · Si 1.0

    Your advantages
    Approved for crowns and bridges, metal-ceramics as well as implant prosthetics
    Biocompatible and corrosion-resistant like all BEGO alloys
    The special heat treatment used in production provides the user with a reduced tool wear while milling by up to 30% a homogeneous structure – no cavities or porosities a material that is particularly easy to mill
    Reduced hardness of 290 HV10 enables easier polishing

    Expension (CTE) 14,4
    Density 8,6 gr/cm³
    Vickers hardness : 290 HV10