• Erkoform 3D+ Erkodent 188600

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    Order no.188500Description (name)ERKOFORM-3dadditional infoContents1Unit of contentspieceMedical device infono medical deviceCE-labeling infoitem is labeled CEHazardous material infoitem is not hazardousCountry of originorigin of item is the EUApplication fieldFor all dental thermoforming.UsageAs a short instruction the touchpanel leads you through the thermoforming process and urges you to take necessary steps. All ERKODENT thermoforming materials are covered in the software. Just choose the desired material and thickness from the touchpanel and press on start. If you wish, for special applications you can modify the shown heating and cooling down times without modifying the standards. The display always gives information about what is happening and how much time is remaining for the actual step. If you do not execute the next step, for safety reasons the machine switches off after 10 sec. It is easy to add new thermoforming materials to the software.Product-descriptionVacuum thermoforming unit with touchless temperature control, reserve vacuum and touch panel. No compressed air supply is required - just plug and play. No preheating time. Sudden vacuum, built up before thermoforming process (Pat. 19511064). More space for higher models. Perpendicular prestretching and forming produces results of even foil thicknesses. Completely accessible model during the heating process. Handy one-hand foil fixation for foil thicknesses ranging from 0 to 5 mm. The Occluform-3 can be installed (accessory).

  • Erkoform-3d motion Erkodent...

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    The Erkoform-3d+ has the same characteristics as the Erkoform-3dmotion but without automated thermoforming process. Also the touchpanel functions are the same. A large volume reserve vacuum is being held to allow a sudden forming. A sensor for touchless temperature measurement ensures the accurate temperature of the material for the thermoforming regardless of the ambient temperature. The unit is equipped with a medium-wave infrared heating, which doesn’t need preheating time. The medium-wave allows for the materials to heat up not only on the surface but also in-depth. The result is a less stressed splint. The Occluform-3 can be installed (accessory).

  • Four de Sechage Mestra 080118

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    Voor het drogen van thermovormplaten, instrumenten, modellen ...

    Trekt vocht af en houdt thermovormplaten droog om poriënvorming te voorkomen.
    Instrument drogen.
    Drogen van gipsmodellen enz.

    Een ventilator circuleert de hete lucht en zorgt voor een gelijkmatige droging.
    Temperatuurbereik: 35-75 ºC.
    Stroomverbruik: 550-650 W.
    6 roestvrijstalen bakjes.
    RVS behuizing.
    24-uurs timer.
    Spanning: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz.
    Hoogte: 310 mm / Breedte: 340 mm / Diepte: 450 mm / Gewicht: 8,3 kg

  • Ministar S Moulding Machine...

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    The new generation of the successful handy pressure 230 V 3500
    moulding machine now equipped with Scan technology 115 V 3510
    and 4 bar working pressure. The coded pressure 100 V 3520
    moulding plate is read by the scanner, allowing
    programming of all important data such as heating time,
    temperature and cooling time. In other words: Precise
    pressure moulding results in record time thanks to the
    extremely fast, patented heater and the high working pressure.
    Power: 230 V / 115 V, / 100 V, 850 VA
    Working Pressure: 0.5 – 4.0 bar
    Dimensions: 420 x 350 x 190 mm (l x w x h)
    Weight: 9 kg