• Katana ZR UTML A3.5 Collar...

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    Order no.613050Description (name)Degreasing agentadditional infoContents50Unit of contentsmlMedical device infono medical deviceCE-labeling infoitem is not labeled CEHazardous material infoitem is hazardousCountry of originorigin of item is the EUApplication fieldEnsures the firm bonding between ERKOFLEX-types.UsageProduct-descriptionFor cleaning and degreasing of thermoforming materials before their combination.

  • Katana ZR UTML A3.5 Collar...

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    VIVA UT-ML - CE 0120
    Ultra Translucent Multi Layer Zirconia UT-ML

    Certified Viva UTML zirconia allows the processing of cases with exceptional aesthetic. With 557 Mpa, the hardness is 50% inferior to a conventional zirconia.

    Applications: Veneers, Anterior crowns, Inlays, Onlays, Posterior crowns