Inbed Massa

  • Cobavest 1000Ml Yeti 941-1000

    € 20,42

    COBAVEST Investment for Partial Denture, suitable to be used for the traditional preheating method but also as speed investmentCOBAVEST is a phosphate-bonded precision investment material to be used in the partial denture technique, for Silicon, Polyether and also Gel duplications.COBAVEST can be used at low preheaating temperature, for model duplications without hardening or dipping of the models.

  • Shera PORAL 1lt Shera 926401

    € 23,00

    Solvent free dipping hardener

    - hardens and seals investment models
    - very low viscosity
    - it soaks very easily into the model's surface
    - to be used without thinner

  • SheraCast 50x400gr Sq...

    € 100,00

    High precision laboratory A-Silicone putty material.


    • Duplication of denture moulds
    • Ceramics technique printed on verticulator
    • Die in full dentures
    • Control matrix for the design of metal structures
    • Denture repair
    • Bite recording key for positioning in articulator
    • Matrix for use in making temporary crowns/bridges
    • Matrix support for the working of metal free aesthetic materials
    • Insulation of teeth/plaster in muffle


    • Very high flowability
    • Superior dimensional stability
    • Heat resistance (over 200°C)
    • Easy handling
    • Excellent detail definition
    • Can be milled
    • Linear variation: -0.058% after 24 hours
    • No deformation in flask


    • 1:1 Mixing ratio
    • Biocompatible
    • Final hardness 95 Shore A
    • Light blue colour
    Warning: it is advisable not to use latex gloves.