• CHROMA ZONE Color Stain...

    € 470,80

    A-Silicone for laboratory model duplication.
    Ideal for duplicating stumps using the all ceramic technique and models with accentuated undercuts and investments.
    Use of a plastic duplication flask is recommended.


    • Rapidity: a duplicate can be obtained in just 10 minutes (23°)
    • Mixing facilitated by the 1:1 base to catalyst ratio
    • High fluidity: does not require mixing in a vacuum
    • Absolute precision for faithful reproduction of detail
    • Dimensional stability over time and non-deformability, allowing a number of duplications to be made
    • Compatible with all plasters, polyurethane resins, phosphate and alcohol based investments and acrylic resins


    • Fast setting time
    • Extreme fluidity
    • Excellent elasticity, thanks to the 16 Shore A hardness
    • Purple for better definition of detail

    Zhermack recommends using:

    • Tensilab, alcoholic based surface-active spray solution
    • Doublemix, automatic mixer for duplication A-Silicones