• Dia Glace Pate Diamantee...

    € 69,09


    A polishing medium to obtain perfect surfaces of ceramic restorations. If ceramic is fired at too high temperature, in order to obtain a gleaming surface, it can appear artificial inside the mouth. Natural looks can only be achieved through polishing.

    We recommend the use of our lubricant-impregnated felt wheels for DIA GLACE.

    high diamond content
    high polish within a few seconds at a speed of 7500 U/min
    economical use thanks to its hard consistency, a very small amount needed for one polishing procedure
    no wasted material, very clean working
    DIA GLACE can also be used on composites and metals. Use in combination with our non-impregnated felt wheels only on metals.
    DIA GLACE hard diamond paste 5 g Art.-Nr. 300-0000
    DIA GLACE Set, 5g diamond paste & 100pc. lubricant-impregnated felt wheels Art.-Nr. 302-1000

    felt wheels 100 pc. lubricant-impregnated Art.-Nr. 301-0100
    felt wheels 100 pc. non-impregnated Art.-Nr. 305-0100

  • Dia-Quick Feutres Impregnes...

    € 21,66

    DIA Quick


    diamond-impregnated felt wheels

    DIA QUICK are diamond-impregnated felt wheels for the quick polishing of ceramics, metal and synthetic material. When the wheels are in use, heat is generated by friction, releasing the impregnated diamond particles at the contact point. Consequently a pernament supply of diamond particles is created resulting in the perfect polish.

    - quick, clean, small and effective.

    DIA QUICK, diamond-impregnated felt wheels, 10 pcs. Art.-Nr. 303-0000