3D printer

  • Agitateur de resine Mestra...

    € 292,62

    Practical and economical device for shaking photopolymerizable resin bottles.
    To obtain a homogeneous mixture of the resin.
    Indispensable for successful achievements with the 3D printer.

  • SENTRY 190 - 3D printer -...

    € 5.990,12

    Sentry 190

    Build Volume 190 x 120 x 200 mm
    Dimension : 32 x 19 x h.45 cm

    Technologie LED UV en 405 nm

    Pixel pitch : 10 µ in Z and 75 µ in X et Y

    The range of dental materials or other.

    For precision production, efficiency and speed :

    - Models
    - Surgical guides
    - Dentures
    - Orthodonbtic splints
    - Crowns and bridges

  • Varseo XS 3D Printer Bego...

    € 2.990,12

    • Varseo XS

      The compact DLP 3D printer specially developed for dental uses

      Cost-effective, high-resolution DLP 3D printer with outstanding detail accuracy

      Building speed independent of the number of elements to be produced

      Handy building platform – printing of multiple-unit bridges up to eight units or a quadrant model possible

      Network capability via W-LAN or Ethernet connection allows fast and uncomplicated data exchange to the PC

      Compatible with the following materials: VarseoSmile Crown plus VarseoSmile Temp

      Replaceable resin tank allows easy material change Right-sized and appealing design