• Agitateur de resine Mestra...

    € 292,62

    Practical and economical device for shaking photopolymerizable resin bottles.
    To obtain a homogeneous mixture of the resin.
    Indispensable for successful achievements with the 3D printer.

  • Dental Wings Scanner Dw7 -...

    € 15.900,12

    Be it a single preparation, a full arch gypsum model or a triple-tray impression, the 7DS efficiently captures clinical data. It scans preparations with excellent marginal integrity, providing precise fit for a wide variety of dental indications. Specifically for Screw Retained Bars and Bridges (SRBB), we have developed a certified scanning workflow.

    The scanning performance of the 7DS is the result of a combination of years of mechanical engineering experience with state-of-the-art technology components. The optical set-up, running with five axes of freedom and two high-speed cameras, gives access to a superior scanning volume (140 mm x 140 mm x 140 mm) with a high degree of accuracy. The scan chamber is large enough for fully articulated models.

    The 7DS is ready for receiving digital impressions from clinics and for complete in-lab digital workflow. As it includes a versatile DWOS software package, it enables the dental technician to design crowns - bridges, partial frameworks, screw-retained bars - bridges, implant abutments, and more. Virtual models can be generated from impression scans and output for fabrication.

    High precision scanning of both models and impressions
    On-board computer with 64-bit processor
    High productivity through automatic scan and design wizards
    High capacity scan and design for dies: 30 copings in 15 minutes
    Easy clinic-to-lab or lab-to-outsourcing communication with DWOS Connect
    SAM® SE articulator included
    Certified scan workflow for screw-retained bars - bridges (optional)
    Certified by 3M ESPE, Straumann and Dentsply Implants

  • EASY 5 Axis (Only Dry)...

    € 28.200,12

    EASY 5+ USINAGE DES DISQUES CAD-CAM Technologie Direct Disc : Grâce à ce système de serrage des disques sans outil, la machine peut être chargée rapidement et facilement. Ioniseur intégré : Neutralise la charge statique des particules acryliques. La circulation d'air dans la zone de travail permet un nettoyage facile et rapide. Caractéristiques : 5 axes serrage automatique des disques ioniseur intégré 16 outils Usinage à sec Option 3 blocs à sec Caméra intégrée Epaisseur de disque jusqu'à 40 mmUne précision incomparable Restaurations en Ultra-HD Broche haute qualité dotée de 4 roulements en céramique hybride pour assurer une concentricité optimale Précision de répétition de 3 µm Puissance et robustesse Usinage des matériaux les plus résistants actuellement sur le marché, y compris les alliages CoCr Broche solide supportant 500 watts et 60.000 tr/min Excellente qualité industrielle pour une rigidité élevée Fonte moulée massive pour limiter les vibrations Une indépendance maximale Choix illimité de matériaux en format rondelle de 98 mm, blocs et piliers préfabriqués Variété maximale des indications grâce à un angle de rotation de ±35° dans le 5ème axe et à des rondelles vierges d’une épaisseur de 40 mm Une fiabilité allemande éprouvée 100% développée et fabriquée en Allemagne Concept ingénieux d’utilisation d’air comprimé pour protéger la mécanique, l’électronique et la broche Webcam pour la maintenance à distance Connexion Ethernet pour des connexions longue distance stables Excellente rentabilité Ioniseur et circulation de l’air optimisée pour un entretien simplifié de la machine DirectDiscTechnology pour une fixation révolutionnaire des disques Echangeur automatique pour 16 outils Logiciel DentalCAM parfaitement compatible inclus dans le prix - aucun frais de licence Logiciel d'usinage DentalCAM Suite logicielle performante avec import STL compatible avec tous les programmes de CAO courants Stratégies optimisées de FAO pour un traitement dans les plus bre...

  • EASY 5+ Axis (Only Dry)...

    € 28.200,00

    With Easy 5 you will get a five-axis dry milling machine for an especially wide range of indications. The B axis with an extraordinary great rotation range of up to ±? 35 degrees and the fixing device for blanks with a thickness of up to 40 mm make sure that you can realize nearly any object that can be dry milled.

  • Otoflash Oven UV G171-6 met...

    € 2.590,12

    Flash-curing device for rapid and reliable curing of light curable resins

    Dimensions of polymerisation chamber: 120 x 120 x 50 mm
    Number of light sources: 2 flashbulbs à 100 w
    Capacity: 4 BTE-aids or 6 ITE-aids
    Rated voltage: 100, 117, 230 volt AC, adjustable by switch
    Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Power input: 250 watt
    Spectral distribution: 280-700 nm, maximum between 400 and 500 nm
    Average flash power: 200 watt
    Flash frequency: 10 flashes per second
    Digital timer: adjustable from 1 to 9.999 flashes
    Dimensions: 310 x 310 x 140 mm
    Weight: 6 kg: 6 kg


    € 23.000,12

    Premium+ is a wet grinding machine for glass ceramics and composites which has been newly developed from scratch. Its highest precision and the quick drive units, are combined here with a closed liquid cooling system in an extremely compact housing. So you will get first-class grinding results in shortest time with the Premium+ Impression.

  • SENTRY 190 - 3D printer -...

    € 5.990,12

    Sentry 190

    Build Volume 190 x 120 x 200 mm
    Dimension : 32 x 19 x h.45 cm

    Technologie LED UV en 405 nm

    Pixel pitch : 10 µ in Z and 75 µ in X et Y

    The range of dental materials or other.

    For precision production, efficiency and speed :

    - Models
    - Surgical guides
    - Dentures
    - Orthodonbtic splints
    - Crowns and bridges

  • TARGA 5 (Dry/wet) 5 axes -...

    € 38.990,00

    With Easy 5 you will get a five-axis dry milling machine for an especially wide range of indications. The B axis with an extraordinary great rotation range of up to ±? 35 degrees and the fixing device for blanks with a thickness of up to 40 mm make sure that you can realize nearly any object that can be dry milled.

  • UV Box Plus

    € 1.158,12

    365/405 nm
    Temperature Control
    Temperes Glass worksurface
    36 Watts
    220-240V 50/60 Hz
    Chamber Size : 304 x 304 x h260 mm
    Weight : 12,7 Kg

  • Varseo XS 3D Printer Bego...

    € 2.990,12

    • Varseo XS

      The compact DLP 3D printer specially developed for dental uses

      Cost-effective, high-resolution DLP 3D printer with outstanding detail accuracy

      Building speed independent of the number of elements to be produced

      Handy building platform – printing of multiple-unit bridges up to eight units or a quadrant model possible

      Network capability via W-LAN or Ethernet connection allows fast and uncomplicated data exchange to the PC

      Compatible with the following materials: VarseoSmile Crown plus VarseoSmile Temp

      Replaceable resin tank allows easy material change Right-sized and appealing design